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ISGB Gathering - Miami, 2009
Stories and Pictures of the adventure!

I hope you enjoy these pages!

It was a lot of fun and while I took a ton of pictures, there was
SO much more going on that couldn't really be captured well on the camera.
(Not to mention a bunch of photos that didn't turn out due to technical errors!)

Reconnected with old friends and made lots of new ones - shamelessly enjoyed the area restaurants and the good company of fellow beadmakers. The ISGB Gathering is a great experience and I'd recommend everyone try it at least once, you'll learn a LOT from it.

The whole experience was fabulous. One of the things I really enjoyed were the 2 days of Presentations by various Artists,
they all did a fabulous job! Thanks you Guys!
Videos of their demos created ahead of time, they were able to focus on explaining the steps
and answering questions without the distractions of Flame and hot Glass.

Have fun looking!

Please let me know if any pictures aren't showing up - thanks.

The Bead Bazaar

Convergence Exhibit and Fire & Ice
Image heavy - please wait for it!

Beads from trading!

Goodies purchased

Open Torch and other Artworks spotted

The Hotel and surrounding scenery

All Materials and Images 2010 - AriesArtworks

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