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ISGB Gathering - Miami, 2009
Purchased Goodies!

I'm told there weren't as many vendors as usual, but it was still fun to meet&chat with those
who were there AND - to BUY new toys!!!

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Mostly NS and GA
Had plenty of clear, needed some colour.
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New Kuglar 104
Some very interesting colours here, PINK!
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Small Samplers were handed out if you were quick enough to get one!
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Nessi, Marmorin & Spanish Leather.
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New CIM Colours
Mostly in the Greens, but some interesting experiments to come from these I'm sure.
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Double Helix
Ekho and some OddLots, all of which appear to be winner colours so far.
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Old faves Juno and Taxco, with 2 new colours.
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CIM & Kuglar Frits
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Newer 104's and some 96's

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DVD's from Lewis Wilson and Kristina Logan
Both of these fabulous Artists were great to chat with!

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Can't leave without new tools.
I was hoping to buy Presses, but none of the makers
were there this time. Boohoo.
The little cone thing is an Enamel "line" Sifter - novel idea!
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Post Cards!
2007 - 2009 Sets
Wonderful Eye Candy, will make good Bead porn in my studio!

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