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ISGB Gathering - Miami, 2009
Trading Beads!

Brisk Bead Trading going on, I mostly watched to get the hang of it and then
jumped in with a few people I definitely wanted to trade with.

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Kerry Fuhr
The line waiting to trade with Kerry was loooong! LOL
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Sharon Peters
Gotta have something from Sharon - these are so cute!
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Margaret Zinser
She is such a sweetie, and her work is amazing!
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Helen Starkweather
Great Boro bead, this one just wanted to be mine.
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Janice Peacock
Janice also makes the most wonderful Masks.
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Cindy McEwen
Photo doesn't do justice to the inner glow on this bead - sorry Cindy!
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Heather Ferman
Makes exquisite "Urn" shape beads.
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Brent Graber
He was pretty well picked over when I got there, but Lexi wanted to trade anyway.
I won the Beaded Objects Contest!
.....or....more precisely - I won the winner of the contest.
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This gorgeous Bead Pen made by Terry Fout won the contest, I lucked out with the winning Raffle Ticket to claim this as mine. Woohooo! Thanks Terry!


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