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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
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What sort of beads and findings are used in your Jewelry?
Do you do commissions or special orders?
Will you alter finished Jewelry items if needed?
Do you make all the products on this website yourself?
What size are the holes in your Lampwork Beads?
Do you sell the findings you use in the Jewelry?
Will you repeat/remake a Lampwork Bead design?
Is your Lampwork all annealed?
Other Info about Lampwork Glass Beads.
What if something breaks?
Do you repair Jewelry not made by you?

What sort of Beads and Findings are used in your Jewelry?
Item descriptions will declare the nature of the components. We use the best quality metals and other materials that we can find, and try to purchase only from "green" or "fair trade" suppliers.
Many of our components are well-kept vintage or highly collectible, and of a calibre unrivaled in sources of supply today. Other materials are sourced from the most reputable suppliers around the globe.

Do you accept commissions or special orders?
Feel free to inquire and I'll be happy to discuss your needs and desires, but I prefer to work as
the Muse strikes for best results. If your request allows for this, anything is possible.
If needs be, I can repeat designs hundreds of times - having done this in the past - BUT I'd rather not go there! Making Beads is my pleasure and when the "FUN" goes out of it, I'm done.

Will you alter finished items if requested?
Yes, if the design allows. There may be a small fee if alterations require additional materials.

Do you make all the products on this website yourself?
YES! My hands have lovingly crafted everything you see here.
I do collaborate with other Artists from time to time too, and those works will be clearly described.

What size are the holes in your Lampwork Beads?
Normally this information is provided in the description of the beads. Please feel free to email me if
I have forgotten to provide it! Thanks! Email:

Do you sell the Findings you use in the Jewelry?
No - sorry, not at this time.

Will you repeat or remake a Lampwork Bead design?
I'd rather not, but can do if you need an extra bead or two to finish a design. Please contact me to
discuss your needs.
Under no circumstances will I "copy" work from another Artist, don't even ask.

Is your Lampwork all annealed?
All my work is immediately placed directly into a hot kiln after I'm finished in the flame.
I use Brick Kilns, 1 AIM and 1 Jen-Ken - both excellent quality equipment, and a very conservative annealing cycle with overnight cooling for optimal bead integrity and strength.

Other info about Lampwork Glass Beads:
They are GLASS!
Glass can break, and broken glass can cause cuts. While we do anneal and this gives our beads superior strength, they still need to be treated with respect due to glass items.
Our beads and other Lampwork items are not intended for children and may present a choking hazard if they are allowed to play with them - please keep them away from children.

What if something breaks?
Did it arrive broken? Contact me immediately.
Jewelry will wear over time, and may eventually break if you wear it a lot. Some people are
very rough on their jewelry, others have skin/body conditions that are harmful to the components.
We cannot control all conditions that may possibly cause your Jewelry to break,
discolour or corrode. Please do not wear Jewelry into the pool, ocean or shower as this
may damage or weaken it.
Things beyond our control we cannot be liable for, but any problems immediately
resulting from faulty workmanship we will gladly work with you for a happy resolution.

Do you repair Jewelry not made by you?
No - sorry.

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