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A little about the gal behind the beads!

My name is Barbara - and I am an incurable "Collector" of fun, unique and eclectic items. Unconventional oddball things and "Found" objects are some of my favorites!
(Not to mention a huge addiction to "smilies" images....I'll try to keep it under control here tho!)

Beads and Jewelry-making have been my passion since early childhood. Coming from a family of 14 kids (counting fosters), we were encouraged to stretch our creativity and grow in directions that were both practical and economical wherever possible. (Yeh...try supporting hobbies and entertainment for 14 children - buying me a .10c tube of Beads was a very appreciated BARGAIN at that time for sure!)

Over the years I've probably tried almost every form of Beading and Jewelry-making known - plus lots of other crafts between - and I have had the pleasure of learning under some very interesting (and some very well-known!) Artisan CraftMasters.
I love creating beautiful works of Art, and like a Dragon I love to hoard them too!!!
(Partly why this site has been so long in coming!)
It also gives me immense gratification to create the artworks I hope you will love and use
for many years to come.

The most recent form this addiction (obsession?) to Crafts has taken, is Lampwork Beadmaking! It's just so true, one can NEVER have enough Beads!!!!
Melting my first Glass took place in 1997 and since 2003 have been full-time into Lampworking!

Along the way I have written many articles for various magazines and Newsletters, then founded the Australian Glass Beadmaker's Guild in late 2003. You'll find me in the membership rosters of numerous organizations - some of which are listed below. My work has also been published in several Magazines and Calendars over the years.

Anyway - enough about ME!

Thanks for having a peep at my website - one of these days I'll add in some of my other crafts and artworks too. You'll probably find everything but the Kitchen sink here if you watch long enough!
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